Fox Symes Debt Consolidation Solutions

Posted July 15th, 2010 and last modified July 16th, 2014

Fox Symes Debt Consolidation Solutions - Get Your Free 10 Minute Over The Phone Debt Analysis and Find Out How to Eliminate Your Debts

You might think your current financial situation is bad. Fox Symes can offer a debt solution that might really help you get back on the right track.

Personal loans can be taken out to pay for things like a new car, a holiday or a home extension, but one of the most common reasons Australians seek out personal loans is to consolidate debts. Personal loans can give you almost instant access to funds to repay credit cards, doctors bills, store cards or other personal debts and Fox Symes are experts at tailoring a debt management loan solution for your needs, consolidating your debts, negotiating with your creditors and helping you stay out of trouble in the future with your credit rating intact.

Debt Analysis

The following criteria applies to be eligible for a free Fox Symes Debt Analysis

  • Must have unsecured debts over $8,000 (credit card debts, personal loans, store cards, medical bills)
  • Must have a regular income

Fox Symes Debt Consolidation Solution

Aussie Personal Loan

Consolidate your debt with a Fox Symes Debt Consolidation Solution. Fox Symes may be able to assist you to get back in control of your finances and start to reduce your debt whether it be your mortgage repayments, credit card, personal loan.

  • Consolidate your debts into one easy monthly repayment
  • Lower your Interest Rates
  • Reduce your Repayments
  • Easy to apply and fast approval
Rates last updated September 17th, 2014
Fox Symes Debt Solutions
Fox Symes Debt Solutions
Consolidate your debt with a Fox Symes Debt Consolidation Solution. Fox Symes may be able to assist you to get back in control of your finances and start to reduce your debt whether it be your mortgage repayments, credit card, personal loan. Go to siteMore

What Is Fox Symes?

Fox Symes is a group of debt consolidation specialists who aim to help Australians with their debt. They do this by aiding in gathering debts into a lump sum instead of many small debts, which makes it easier to pay the bills and usually lowers interest rates. It can also help you to avoid repayment plans that big banks enforce which rarely, if ever, help the customer.

They focus on the areas of debt consolidation, debt relief and bankruptcy information and help. They help you to get out of your debt by moving all debts into one single loan called a debt mediation loan. This allows you to make one simple payment instead of 5 different high interest payments every month.

Far too many people continue to struggle along in silence with financial problems. They seem to believe they’ll be judged or viewed unfavourably if they speak up about their problems. What these people don’t realise is that seeking debt help is often the first step to getting back on track again and finally having a way to regain control of any financial situation.

Here are some of the debt solutions Fox Symes may be able to assist with:

Fox Symes Debt Consolidation Solutions

If you’re constantly juggling multiple repayments each month that eat into your budget and make it difficult to survive financially, there are options available. Once you start struggling with personal debt it can be hard to regain control as compounding interest, late fees and rising interest rates all combine to make for a significan't financial commitment, with no light in sight.

After all, when you’re trying to remember multiple repayment amounts and dates every month, it can get easy to overlook one or more of them. Rather than risk falling further behind, Fox Symes can assist with consolidating some or all of your debts into one convenient loan.

If you have many debts, such as credit cards and unsecured personal loans, you can occasionally roll them into one personal loan. This one loan is much easier to pay than all the other little, high interest bills. Another option you might be able to use is called a debt agreement. This is a compromise with creditors and Fox Symes is the largest provider in Australia.

Fox Symes are happy to work with people who may already have missed a few payments on outstanding debts. Even if your credit history is a little blemished, Fox Symes can still work on options that can help your situation.

Features of Fox Symes Personal Debt Solutions

  • Replacing your loans and debts with one repayment. Debt consolidation does not remove your debts all together, it just makes them easier to manage with one repayment and usually a lower interest rate.

  • Your choice of repayment frequency and terms. You can make repayments to your Fox Symes debt consolidation weekly, fortnightly or monthly and can choose a term between 12 months and 7 years.

  • Your choice of a fixed or variable interest rate. Your choice of interest rate will depend on your budget and the length of the solution. If you think rates are likely to rise over your loan term, consider taking advantage of that with a variable interest rate. If you want to secure your repayments and easily manage your budget a fixed interest rate and fixed repayments may suit you.

  • No ongoing fees and no early repayment fees. This means you can make additional repayments when you can and clear the debt early if you are able.

Help With Informal Debt Arrangements

Many creditors who are contacted and informed about the financial position of their clients are more than willing to help out when made aware of genuine difficulties. They assist by agreeing to re-negotiate the loan amount, maybe freezing the interest for a while or even settling for a smaller amount and giving you more time to pay your balance,. This is much more beneficial to both you and your creditors than other forms of debt settlement, such as bankruptcy.

Mortgage Refinance

If you’re struggling to keep up with the payments on your current mortgage and all your other debts at the same time, Fox Symes can offer debt solutions that may actually reduce your monthly repayment amounts. You can also benefit by paying a much lower interest rate than you’re currently being charged on some of your debts.

Another way you can get debt relief is with the use of a mortgage refinance. This type of loan pays off other debts using the equity in your property, using your home as the collateral in what amounts to another tool for debt consolidation. Instead of all the bills you had every month, you have a much easier to handle single payment on your new mortgage.

While your mortgage interest rate might be comparable, think carefully about how much you’re charged on your personal loans or credit card debts. These are usually charged at much higher rates than mortgages.

Of course, when you’re paying multiple repayments each month it can become very easy to overlook one or more of them. Once you do fall behind on your repayments, it can be difficult to catch up again. This is because most lenders add late payment fees and penalty interest charges to your overdue accounts.

What this does is increases the amount you owe on overdue accounts, which means you need to find more money to catch up again. The result is usually that you end up falling even further behind.

Rather than risk this, Fox Symes can assist with creating a solution tailored to your own financial situation. Even if your debts are all overdue or showing defaulted payments, you’re still able to consolidate them into your mortgage.

The effect of this is usually that you end up reducing your total monthly repayments dramatically. This helps to free up your income each month, making it easier to survive financially. You’ll also find it much easier to keep up with your new repayments, so there’s less risk of falling behind again.

Keep in mind that you do need to have sufficient equity in your home to support the intended loan amount.

Part X Personal Insolvency / Fox Symes Personal Insolvency Agreement

If you have debts which you are unable to repay in full, a personal insolvency agreement through Fox Symes may suit you, and can be a better solution than bankruptcy as it does not limit your borrowing and financial opportunities after the debt is repaid.

This is an alternative to bankruptcy by which you can make a proposal to your creditors who will then vote upon it at a formal meeting. This is part of the Bankruptcy Act and is used instead of a full bankruptcy.

Fox Symes offers a variety of services which you can use to help you consolidate your debt and manage your finances better. Most of these services allow you to either consolidate your debt, or to work out an agreement with your creditors which is mutually beneficial. Many client have successfully used these services to help them with their debt consolidation or personal loans needs over the years, and most of them are quite happy with their experience.

Budgeting Assistance

One of the primary reasons so many people end up in financial strife is that they tend to spend more than they earn without even realising it. By the time you make payments on credit card bills, personal loans, mortgages and your living expenses, you may find there’s nothing left over. This leaves you in an uncomfortable financial position if an unexpected expense does arise.

Yet, Fox Symes specialise in assisting clients with budgeting needs. They’re able to identify ways to reduce your current expenses, including helping to reduce the amount you pay on your credit card and other loan repayments each month.

With your expenses reduced, you should find it’s suddenly much easier to regain control of your financial situation again. This frees up your cash flow so you can work on debt reduction plans or even begin a savings plan to build up a buffer to help cover those unexpected expenses that may come up.

Creating a budget that works with your own income levels and your personal debt levels allows you to learn some financial discipline. This is the key to any good wealth creation strategy, so there are plenty of benefits to be had.

Debt Agreements

There are times when you may need to come to some form of compromise agreement with your creditors. This happens when your bills have become so overdue that your creditors start threatening legal action or they won’t continue accepting irregular payments from you any longer.

Rather than continue with this cycle, Fox Symes may be able to help you reach a debt agreement with some or all of your creditors. This may include:

Negotiating with your creditors for a payment amount that could be less than the total amount you owe;

Payment arrangements to your creditors over time that work with your income level;

Arranging a moratorium on the payments of your debts;

Offering other assets from you as a form of payment to your creditors towards your debts.

Debt agreements can offer you an alternative to declaring bankruptcy. Essentially, once the agreement is in place it can freeze some or all of your unsecured debts, which then allows you to work on repaying them as you can afford it.

Bankruptcy Debt Solutions and Assistance

If your debt levels have reached a point where you really can’t see a way out, Fox Symes may also be able to offer bankruptcy debt solutions and assistance. Of course, several alternatives to bankruptcy may be discussed with you to see if there are ways to still assist you with your needs.

However, if you do find that you are unable to pay your debts and your creditors won’t negotiate for payment arrangements, this may become an option.

No matter what your financial situation looks like, Fox Symes will always work with you to help out. They are specialists in creating workable debt solutions that are designed to put you back on the right track financially.


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